About Us

We are dedicated to helping our children reach their greatest potential. To do this we place an emphasis on providing quality care and love. This allows us to build a stable foundation upon which a child can build a wholesome and healthy life.

Each home has resident house parents who wake the boys each morning with enough time to shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast before being taken to school. When the boys return from school they are given a snack and everyone settles in to do homework. Each child is provided with help and tutoring as needed. After homework the boys work on service activities and enjoy free time followed by dinner. The children are not all required to participate in the same activities at the same; we find that this encourages a feeling of normalcy.

Recreation is essential to a happy, healthy childhood, and we offer opportunities for children to go out to the movie theaters, fishing, swimming, bowling, and roller skating. Our staff also plans trips to take the boys to local parks, recreation centers, beaches, museums, and amusement parks. Offering a variety of activities helps to keep the boys in our care active and engaged.

The boys in our care will also find plenty of recreation and entertainment at home. Our homes are equipped with scooters, basketball equipment, ping pong/pool tables, boxing bags, game systems, computers, and arts & crafts materials. In addition to house planned activities and recreational equipment, we encourage all of the children in our care to participate in athletic, cultural, and social activities.

We truly care about every child in our care, and our only goal is for them to feel safe and loved so they may be strengthened and strengthen others around them.